GTA 6 has become the Kardashian of MMORPGs. Everyone is talking about it, no one knows anything confirmedly about it and they expect to see more of it with every passing day. So we are here to help you out of this conundrum.


GTA 6 is the sixth generation of Rockstar North’s flagship game and it will make a lot of our collective dreams come true. But for that, first, we need to make a wishlist. Here’s ours-

  1. Female protagonist

All GTA games have had strong male leads irrespective of location and storyline. It is time for a change. 21st-century world is dominated by achievements by the fairer sex and Grand Theft Auto should be no exception. As a matter of fact, introducing a female lead in a multi-protagonist game will jazz things up a little bit.

  1. Multi-city location

From Tokyo to London, fans rooted for multiple cities across multiple continents. But the most recent trend is a multi-city map which will allow players to choose from a list of multiple cities and explore the road networks. This can be supported by PC, PS4s, and definitely Xbox series. We would love it if GTA 6 decided to take us down the memory lane for a brush-up tour of Vice City and San Andreas if not more.

  1. New vehicle variations

This is something most players have been talking about since GTA IV came out. We need more variants of the extant automobiles in the Grand Theft Auto world. The addition of a few muscle cars and if possible, a few vintages wouldn’t hurt especially if Rockstar wants to keep the game moving fast. Also, if the game goes back to locations like San Andreas, wouldn’t it be nice if the developers introduced bits on roller-skates and skateboards?

  1. Platform

Many sources are bringing in the disheartening news. Rockstar may just be releasing the sixth generation of Grand Theft Auto for only PlayStations. However, we do not have any such news from the developers and designers. Just like always, GTA will be made available to all its fans on all compatible consoles. This means dust those PS4 and brings out the Xboxes before GTA 6 hits the city. Even PCs with optimal RAM and Graphics card setups will be able to support the upcoming GTA.

  1. Increased side missions

It is confirmed now, the number of characters in the game is increasing. So we demand an increase in the number of side-jobs or sub-missions as well. This will give the gamers glorious opportunities to rake in some moolah and at the same time improve their game character statistics. What we need is a lack of fetch missions and introduction of lower tier storylines and subplots during the gameplay!

Release date

As far as release date is concerned, we will advise you against holding your breath. We do not expect GTA 6 to hit the stores before late 2018. On the brighter side, a late release means we can preserve our dreams of a VR support.